Why Us

If you live in Melbourne or its surrounding suburbs, with us, you can be absolutely sure that all of your drain, sewage, and plumbing needs can be met through us, no matter what the job or location, our experienced, friendly plumbers have all bases covered.
Here at Cheap blocked drains, we are based in Melbourne, and have the depth of staff necessary to provide the most prompt, efficient service available.  Why look elsewhere? We are the experts, and we welcome and encourage you to contact us with any enquiries that you may have.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee to work with you to remedy all of your plumbing needs, through friendly, efficient, prompt, and local service, throughout the duration of our working relationship. We guarantee the utmost level of professionalism with all of our clients, and most importantly we guarantee to get the job done to your satisfaction, every time.

Our Standards

Each member of our plumbing staff at Cheap Blocked Drains is fully licensed, experienced, and provides friendly local service. Our plumbers undergo constant training to ensure that we are up to date with the latest in plumbing technology, from the highest quality parts, to the most efficient systems. We are leaders in innovation and can work with you to decide the best way to deal with any plumbing situation you may encounter.

Never Late… Ever

Our base of operations is in Melbourne, and our experienced, reliable plumbers are stationed throughout the suburbs with fully equipped plumbing vehicles, prompt service is a given. We can ensure the fastest response to ensure that you are not left in limbo, waiting around for hours. At Cheap Blocked Drains we are always punctual, no matter what.

Up From pricing

We charge by the job, not by the time spent doing the job, giving you an accurate cost analysis from the word go. We never exceed our quotation, eliminating any associated ambiguity that you may be used to. We welcome any enquires, and encourage you to contact us at your convenience.

Always Available

Our experienced staff are very aware of the fact that sometimes, things just can go wrong at any given time. We are available 24/7 to remedy any plumbing inconvenience you may encounter, at any hour, anywhere in Melbourne. We provide the friendly local, efficient service that you require in a bad situation to ensure that things are back to normal in your home or business as soon as possible.

We’ve Got Experience

All of our plumbing staff are qualified and experienced in the industry, and are constantly undergoing training in order to assure that we provide the best service anywhere, in any plumbing associated field. The vast experience of our team means that the job will be done as quickly as possible, whatever the situation.

No Mess

We all know that for the most part, plumbing jobs can be a hairy affair, and can cause a considerable mess. Rest assured, it is a given that our plumbers will leave your home or business in as pristine a state as possible.

Helpful, Courteous, Friendly

As per our guarantee, we promise to provide you with the friendly local service that is essential in any business interaction to make life as easy as possible. Our staff are more than happy to answer any questions, or deal with any issue in a warm manner, and have absolutely no qualms in taking the time to fully explain a concept or anything you require an explanation for.

Full Warranty

The quality of our workmanship is the least of your worries, but for absolute peace of mind we provide a complete written warranty, and provide associated warranty information regarding all of the products that we use.