Tree Roots

If a tree root system is impeding drainage  facilities and plumbing infrastructure on your property, there is no straightforward method of removing the intrusion, it is essential to seek professional advice, particularly as a problem of this nature is bound to get worse as time goes on. At Cheap Blocked Drains, we offer the experience and equipment necessary to get the job done as cheaply and efficiently as possible.

We offer a range of solutions, depending on the severity of the intrusion. For example, a minor blockage can simply be treated by using the hydro jet cleaning system, to essentially blast out the intruding roots. However in many cases it takes more than mere water pressure to dislodge the blockage. Cheap Blocked Drains can accommodate this situation, using an electric drain auger, essentially a bladed snake, which is fed through the pipe to reduce the blockage to small pieces so that it can be blasted away to alleviate the blockage.

We also employ preventative measures such as herbicidal root inhibitor to minimise subsequent blockage caused by tree root system intrusion. This herbicide will in no way significantly inhibit growth or condition of other organic matter.

Our team can provide the quality and efficiency required when dealing with problems of this nature, in a friendly, prompt manner, anytime. We also pride ourselves on providing the most cost effective solution for you for any particular situation, with no hidden costs and everything accounted for in a concise quote. We encourage you to contact us with any enquiries regarding any related matters.