If you’re in Melbourne, and require drain, sewer or plumbing services for any situation, we’ve got you covered. As all of our plumbers are local, we are available 24/7, and our response time is second to none.
At Cheap Blocked Drains, we offer an optimal combination of experienced staff and cutting edge technology, and will work with you to get the job done to your satisfaction.

 Here are some examples of the technology that our professional plumbers utilise to provide efficient solution to all of your drain and sewer related issues.

High Pressure Hydro Jet Clearing

Our hydro jet cleaning system can produce a steady flow at high pressure, and can be applied to effectively and efficiently clear any blocked drains or sewers. We also provide our video camera inspection service in order to assure you that your pipes will be clear, and remain clear for as long a time as possible.

CCTV Inspection and Analysis

We utilise flexible fibre optic cables with an attached camera in order to perform diagnostic analysis in pipes, drains, and sewers. This is the most effective, efficient means of determining potential problems, and the location of these problems, and our experts use this information to apply the best solution.

Auger Tree Root Removal

Our tree rooting system is specifically designed to bypass or remove stubborn, permanent blockages caused by tree roots in pipes and sewer lines. Our staff have a wealth of experience in implementing the tree rooting process, which involves using an electric drain auger, and carry out superficial repairs to the site when the plumbing work is complete.