If your sewer is blocked, leaking, or otherwise not doing as it should, at Cheap Blocked Drains we can provide same day service to diagnose and restore the function of your sewer system, and employ preventative measures to reduce the risk of subsequent clogging. We are the experts, and offer efficient, friendly service at a competitive price.

Resilient Blockages in Your Sewer? No Worries

Tree root propagation frequently is at the root of cracking and or obstruction of subterranean pipes, and can cause significant blockages in sewer lines in particular. We have the experience and equipment required to detect and clear blockages associated with tree roots, or remove roots altogether. A wealth of experience in our team means that we will find the most efficient way to treat any particular problem.

Professional Sewer Repairs and Upgrades

Our confident and experienced staff are equipped with the latest in diagnostic and repair tools in order to be able to treat a sewer line of any state, and to save you considerable expense and potentially extensive property damage.

With access to the highest quality pipes and related components, our experienced staff are more than equipped to modify existing sewer lines, or if required, install new sewer lines for any application.

Preventative Maintenance Strategy Experts

At Cheap blocked drains, our friendly, experienced plumbers in Sydney can pass on the benefit of their experience to you to help you to avoid potential blockages, both by providing expert advice and by site inspection, in order to discover a preventative maintenance plan that will work for you. We have the latest in diagnostic equipment, which is integral in identifying potential problems, and we pass on these benefits to you to ensure that your home or sewer line remains blockage free for as long as possible.

Comprehensive Warranty on Workmanship

At Cheap Blocked Drains, we ensure that all of our licensed staff undergo constant training so that they are optimal in any situation. In addition to this guarantee, we provide a formal, written guarantee to assure the quality of the work that we carry out.

Clear Upfront Pricing: No Hidden Extras

 We quote on a basis of the amount of work required to complete the job, not by the hour, ensuring that you get a fair quote with no hidden extras or any other unnecessary expense before the commencement of work.
We encourage you to contact us at your convenience in relation to any blocked drains or sewers, or plumbing enquiries in general.