A clogged or failed drain causes a very significant, very immediate problem in a domestic or business environment which requires immediate attention. At Cheap Blocked Drains, we offer same day, 24/7 service for all your drain issues in Melbourne. Rest assured, out friendly local staff are more than up to the task.

Kitchen Drain Blockages

Kitchen drains can be clogged very easily and frequently in the course of day to day life, as there is no real way to avoid washing solid matter, detergent etc through the sink. At Cheap Blocked Drains, we offer an efficient unclogging service, and are happy to consult in regard to potentially replacing existing plumbing in order to minimise subsequent blockages.

Bathroom Blockages

Drains in your bathroom, including sinks are particularly prone to blockages, and can produce unpleasant results when blocked. Whether your sink isn’t draining as efficiently as it should and requires a thorough clean, or you would like to replace a section of pipe, our expert team can find a solution to suit your needs.

A very common, headache inducing, sanitation compromising, household plumbing problem is a blocked shower or bath drain. For obvious reasons an issue of this nature should be attended to as soon as possible, and our same day service will have you showering properly in no time.

Toilet Trouble?

No matter how blocked your toilet, (and by what), our expert team will ensure to restore full function of your toilet, clearing any blockages and cleaning the pipes in the process, to make sure that there is as small a chance as possible of subsequent blockage occurring. Our plumbers employ a flexible cable with blades on the end to effectively clear even the most resilient blockages.

Blocked Floor Drains

In garages, basements, and laundries in particular, floor drains facilitate the drainage of wastewater from various sources, such as from washing machines or air conditioners. Consequently, over time these drains accumulate a considerable amount of soapscum and similar residue. Significant blockages can present a nightmare to remedy, but not for our expert plumbers. For any significant blockages, contact our team for friendly, same day service.

High Pressure Jetting

At Cheap Blocked Drains, we have access to optimum resources. For the most efficient unblocking, and for particularly resilient blockages, we utilise a high powered, hydro-jet system to unblock virtually any drain efficiently and effectively. All of our plumbers are highly competent operators of all of the varied tools that we employ, and our hydro jet system is no exception.

Preventative Measure Specialists

It is relatively simple to avoid potential problems in drains which are prone to blockages, and our team can show you the way, through implementation of various drain cleaners to prevent subsequent blockages, making life easier for you down the line.