Blocked Drains Prahran

Kitchens or washrooms are very high usage areas, and it’s no surprise that the drains in these areas get clogged often.  Sometimes water starts accumulating in the sink or wash area. This should be a red alert and it’s important to call experts to deal with Blocked Drain Repair in Prahran. Cheap Blocked Drains is one of the most reputed companies in the region and we can fix the problem without delay.

With experience of over ten years in this field, we can provide you an immediate solution for resolving these problems and Clear Blocked Drains in Prahran within the shortest possible time. We have a team of professional and skilled staff that is capable of handling these tasks with the highest levels of expertise.

Why choose us?

  • Professionalism
  • Quality of work
  • Competitive pricing for Drain Repair in Prahran
  • cost analysis in detail
  • Competence
  • Experienced and qualified staff
  • Staff is upgraded with latest techniques from time to time
  • Plumbing emergency services available 24*7
  • Customer oriented
  • Emphasis on customer satisfaction

Scope of work

  • Blockages in Kitchen Drain– Kitchen sink problems are very common. Blockages in the kitchen drain can be very frustrating and cause a major annoyance. Leftover food generally clogs the kitchen drain. Food particles from soiled utensils also contribute towards kitchen drain blockages. We offer the best solutions in solving this issue with the help of expert staff.  Our personnel will provide an immediate quote for the work  required and also advise on spare part replacement (if any)
  • Blockages in Washroom Drain– this is another issue that occurs quite often and causes a lot of inconvenience.  Hair, soap, grime and dirt accumulate and clog the drain over time, which leads to a backup of water in the bathtub and shower areas. In such cases, you should call us for immediate attention and repair.

Our staff will diagnose the problem, understand the existing system and then work towards resolving the problem by finding an effective solution.

High Grade Services

We have a team of highly trained and experienced staff who can handle the plumbing and blockage snags very efficiently. We use our technical skills and ensure best results. The best quality material is used to clear the blockages and clogging.  A high-powered hydro jetting system is used for clearing the blockages in the drain. We offer services to residential and commercial customers. In addition to this we cater to Strata and property management clients.

We provide efficient and skilled manpower at charges which are cost effective and reasonable. Our staff will share the details of the cost involved including spare components required, labour charges and the details of the work involved.  For more information, contact our experts at Cheap Blocked Drains on 03 9998 7202. You can also contact us via the form on this page.  We assure you of our prompt, professional and efficient plumbing services at competitive prices.