Blocked Drains Glen Waverley

The Most Effective Way to Deal with Blocked Drains in Glen Waverley

Blocked Sinks in Glen Waverley as well as blocked bathroom drains are quite a common occurrence. These typically occur because a lot of grease, food particles, body oils and hair tend to get washed down them. In addition, there are times when small toiletries or toys fall into the drain and may get wedged into a bend in the pipe.  Over time, the build-up of grease and hair and other particles results in a block in the drain. There are times when roots infiltrate the pipeline and lead to a block.

Call the Experts

Regardless of what is causing the problem, there can be a backup of water into the kitchen or bathroom sink or even the bathtub or shower area. If you find yourself trying to use the plunger to clear these Blocked Drains in Glen Waverly too often, it’s clear that the problem is a more severe one; the longer you leave it unattended, the worse it will get. We at Cheap Blocked Drains are the specialists who can tackle all types of plumbing issues, big and small with the highest levels of expertise. We have the experience, knowhow, the technology and the resources to provide you with high grade solutions exactly when you need them.

Round the Clock Services

We also realise that Drain Repair in Glen Waverley may sometimes be required on an emergency basis; this is why we provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services to commercial as well as residential customers across the region. Regardless of what time of the day or night you call us, if you are facing any type of plumbing issues; we are the company to call. One good way to prevent these issues from occurring in the first place is to ensure that you don’t let too much food get into the drains in the first place.

Preventing Plumbing Issues

Use a drain strainer and make sure that you clean the drain with a good enzyme-based cleaner once a week. This helps ensure that the small food particles or hair that might have escaped into the drains dissolves and gets cleared with the flow of water. The other important thing to do is to opt for our annual plumbing maintenance services.  As part of these services, we check all the drains and plumbing and this helps ensure that you don’t have to deal with any sudden Blocked Sinks in Glen Waverley.

The Best Solutions

If you need any type of plumbing service including Blocked Drain Repair in Glen Waverley, Cheap Blocked Drains is the company to call. When it comes to plumbing issues, we tackle it all.  Our knowhow, the technology we use and our staff is second to none.  For more information about our expert services and a free quote, call us at 03 9998 7202 or contact us through the form on this web page. We will revert within the shortest possible time and provide solutions that are perfectly in-line with your requirements.