Blocked Drain Essendon

Everyone has dealt with Blocked Sinks in Essendon at some time or the other. In most instances, these issues build up over time and there are some distinct signs that there is a possible block in the drain. At times, when you turn the kitchen or bathroom faucet too high, the sink will start flooding and the water may overflow out of it too. At times like these, no matter how many drain cleaning agents you use or how much you try to clear the block using a plunger, these stubborn blocks don’t get cleared.

Only a professional plumber like the ones at Cheap Blocked Drains will be able to provide you with high grade services to  Clear Blocked Drains in Essendon. We are very particular with the way we handle our work and ensure that the best quality materials are used and that the workmanship is top of the line. All our work is covered with iron clad warranties and we make sure you are 100% satisfied with the services we have provided. Our customers have peace of mind knowing that we are on call 24/7 to attend to any plumbing emergencies, if and when they arise.

Blocked Drain Repair- The Process

We use the latest technology in the work and make sure that the work is completed expertly and in the shortest possible time. The best way to detect blocks is to use CCTV drain cameras. At times, tree roots infiltrate the drain pipes and over time create a block in the pipeline. If these roots are left to grow that way, they can grow to such an extent that they break the pipes; this can cause a lot of hassle and excessive repair expenses down the line. We offer a variety of solutions, based on how severe the intrusion is:

  • If we find that the blockage is very minor, we may use only a simple  hydro-jet system; this very effectively blasts out all the intruding roots
  • However, there are situations in which water pressure alone isn’t enough to dislodge this blockage. In this case, we use an electric drain auger- this is a bladed snake that is fed through the pipe. It cuts the blockage to very small pieces and we can then  hydro-jet these pieces out to Unblock Drains in Essendon
  • But that isn’t where we stop. Once the block has been removed, we then use measures to make sure that the roots don’t grow into the pipe again. The herbicidal root inhibitors that we treat the ground with ensure that there is no intrusion from tree root systems. This herbicide is non-toxic and environment friendly and in no way does it have a negative impact on the condition or growth of any organic matter in the surrounding soil

Just as we provide high quality services for Blocked Drains in Essendon, we make sure that our charges are reasonable. The priority always is to provide our customers with value for money. For more information about our expert plumbing services, call Cheap Blocked Drains at 03 9998 7202 or contact us via this form on our website.